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Music/Entertainment for Events

If it’s background traditional music for a small event; trad/pop fusion bands for your wedding; a “wow factor” kids band to play at your children’s birthday party; or champion Irish dancers to raise the roof on your special night! Then look no further! We can supply all things trad!

Check out some of the Music and Dance Groups that Robbie has worked with:


Leading Irish dance company, producing show formats that can be adapted for any stage, venue or location!



Blending classic, contemporary tunes with traditional rhythms has become the hallmark of this band.  Their repertoire will appeal to young and old alike!  (As seen on The Late Late Show).



A high-energy ensemble of established musicians, deeply rooted in traditional music!



A fantastic family band, full of the joys of life, they truly highlight the positive effects that music brings to any occasion!



The Bodhran Buzz is a great way to start off a night of celebration.  It’s a perfect ice-breaker for groups who might not know each other, like a stags, hens, wedding or birthday party!

Start your day off with a very enjoyable experience, learning basic Irish rhythm in a fun way, games to get the banter going, setting the mood for a very enjoyable day!

If you want to make your night a complete Irish festival then why not have a Ceilí and learn how to do some set dancing, maybe get a trad band in to keep the ‘Buzz’ going and get you bopping on the dance floor!

It’s all available here at TheBodhranBuzz!

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