Get The Bodhran Buzz in your school!

All children love to play with drums. Not only is it fun, it’s also great for their development. A Bodhrán circle can teach children mutual respect, co-operation, listening, co-ordination and sensitive movement, as well as developing qualities like perseverance, self-discipline and mental agility.

Our ‘Little Buzzer’ bodhrán workshops are a fantastic way to get children’s creative energy flowing and fuel their enthusiasm for the learning process. Our workshops expose children to a positive and empowering environment, providing them with a refreshing break from regular schoolwork.

Little Buzzer workshops incorporate the three main strands of the music curriculum:

Listening and Responding:

  • Through fun games, the children will learn the importance of listening to each other and their surroundings and responding in a timely fashion.


  • Performance is important to development and giving children confidence opens them up to the realisation that when they persist, they can achieve beyond their expectations. Children will practice group performance as well as the occasional solo performance from willing participants, noting that no child will ever be put under pressure to perform unless they are keen to do so. Inspiration is key.


  • All children will have the chance to compose their own rhythms. Composition is done in small segments and all added together at the end to create their very own unique groove.

We offer workshops for kids of all ages, primary school level right up to the senior cycle.


Once-off School Workshops

  • Kids will learn the history of the Bodhrán, how it was made in the old days, and get an insight into modern drum making methods.
  • Testing out the old and new drums
  • How to hold the drum, the stick, and the basics of getting the first few beats
  • The different types of tunes within traditional music and the basic rhythm for the most common tunes.
  • Demonstrations of how the tunes are played at full speed and the various sounds that a professional Bodhrán player can get from the drum.
  • Interactive games

Once-off workshops lasts approximately 60-80 minutes.

Guaranteed to bring joy and happiness to your school, The Bodhrán Buzz will leave children with a sense of achievement, success and connection.


Bodhran Courses

The Bodhrán Buzz also offers full term courses with the possibility of a performance at the end of the term for parents and teachers.  Courses can be tailored to fit each individual school’s needs, depending on the length of the classes you would like and how many weeks the school would like the course to run for.

Areas covered within The Bodhrán Buzz courses:

  • Introduction to the bodhrán.
  • Basic 4/4, 6/8 rhythms
  • Bodhran Scales
  • In depth explanation of the structure of irish music
  • Bodhran Maintenance
  • Stick making
  • Dynamics
  • A chance to play with a live musician
  • Styles
  • Bodhran ensemble
  • Games
bodhr†n class - 29 Nov 2012 (9 of 12)


Interested in a workshop or course? then please contact us here for details on prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply all drums for our school students?

Yes, we have a full range of bodhráns for the children to use as well as top quality drums for everyone to try out.

How many people can participate in the workshops?

We have 30 drums for use. Depending on your goal, we recommend 20 participants for in-depth learning of the Bodhrán. If it’s just to have lots of fun, 30 is a great number. Spectators of other classes are very welcome if they would like to see whats going on and soak up the atmosphere! We would just ask for some assistance from other teachers in that case.

Is there an minimum age requirement?

Yes, generally when we do a school workshop we take from 1st class students up. If you are looking for a Bodhrán workshop aimed at younger kids please contact us here.

Is your bodhran teacher Garda vetted?

Yes, Robbie Walsh is fully Garda vetted for teaching children