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The Bodhran Buzz Junior is a great way to encourage children to appreciate and to become involved in tradition Irish music. Robbie loves playing music and believes that it is a wonderful outlet for kids.  Learning to play music, using fun sequencing games and rhythms, encourages connection with the instrument and provides a child with a wonderful opportunity to learn a very useful skill.  Playing the Bodhran helps a child to increase coordination, identify patterns and sequencing, and develop a strong sense of timing.  These skills can be adapted to any learning process, in various disciplines.

Workshops and group-learning encourages social development through team work and cooperation.  Team learning supports the group as they explore the various rhythms and sounds which can be created by the Bodhran.  The workshop is a very useful tool in developing social interaction, helping the kids to connect, cooperate and communicate as a group in producing a coordinated, musical sound in a fun, relaxed and playful environment.  Learning through enjoyment is empowering both emotionally and physically, there is no greater way to learn.