"Bodhran Buzz was a fun team building exercise. Everyone of all skill and ability enjoyed a laugh while learning a bit about Irish culture and music. I recommend Robbie to lighten up your next corporate event!"

Jeff Matthews, Sales Director at LinkedIn Dublin.

"No better way to do some team bonding than through music! Robbie does a great job teaching the bodhrán while at the same time stressing the importance of working together."

Sacha Dekker, Head of Sales Effectiveness EMEA at LinkedIn Dublin.

“Drumming up Business”

Why partner with the Bodhrán Buzz?
We’ll inject some Irish rhythm into your organisation’s soul!

For thousands of years, drums have been used across the world to connect across distance and language and to open up channels of communication. Rhythm is universal and transcends all boundaries: personal, organisational or cultural. Using the bodhrán as the means, we will help you to transform your organisation’s event with the energy of this ancient Irish drum.
Our workshops break down barriers, open up communication, and promote listening, as well as building and binding teams together…with a healthy dose of fun along the way!

Bodhrán drumming workshops are suitable for:

  • Teambuilding / learning events
  • Ice-breaker or an Event Closer
  • Conferences
  • Promotional Events

Who do we keep company with?
Since establishing the Bodhrán Buzz, we have been fortunate to work with some large organisations…including some big global brands. We have partnered closely to help them connect, engage and communicate and listen more effectively through our unique approach and interactive learning experience.

"Robbie delivered a highly interactive, energetic and educational event. Throughout the session he put all the participants at ease and his passion for what he dose and the connection with the group was great."

Barry Murphy, Head of Learning & Development, ServiceSorce

How do we do it?

We have partnered with experts in learning and human resources to build a series of high-energy, drum-based learning workshops that we call our ‘Buzz Bars’

A bar of music is a small amount of time that can be combined to create larger pieces of music.

In our case, each Buzz Bar’ is a 2-hour section that can be delivered as a standalone, bite-sized session or combined to create a larger, more impactful event.

While having fun is at the core of what we do, our workshops are far more than that. All of our ‘Buzz Bars’ have clear learning objectives and outcomes and are grounded in learning concepts to maximise relevance and impact to the teams we work with.

"Engaging the Bodhran Buzz is a fantastic way to bring different teams together. It was fantastic to see teams who are often competing for resources working together to create a rhythm. "

Gareth Walsh, Head of Compliance, SumUp

We have a number of different options which we would be delighted to discuss with you and tailor to facilitate the desired outcomes, budget and time for your event.  In particular, we have successfully worked with companies to deliver focussed events to facilitate improvement in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Leadership